Having a designated workspace in your home to complete homework assignments will help create good study habits throughout the school year.

Before choosing a space, know your child’s learning style, maybe they’re the type that works better amidst all of the action, alternately some children work best in a quiet space. Allowing your child to provide some input in the process gives them a sense of involvement, for example helping to choose the space, colour or furniture.

The following are a few more tips on how you can create a space that is not only inviting but functional and comfortable.

Organization is key. Using clearly labelled containers or baskets not only keeps supplies within reach but increases productivity and keeps the workstation tidy. Wall organizing systems like cork or magnetic boards are also great ways to display reminders or calendars.

Select both functional and comfortable furniture for the space.

Make sure the space is well light, preferably near a window for natural light and choose a quality desk lamp for task lighting.

Keep it fun! The space should not only be used for homework or assignments, it should be an area where kids can get creative! Keep arts and crafts supplies nearby.

Whether a family friendly shared work space, a portable workstation or a hallway homework station. I can help you create an area that easily adapts to the style and personal needs of your family. Contact me for more detail.