One of my favourite parts of the season is watching the leaves and flowers blossom a little more each day. It’s the season of rebirth and what better time to breathe new life into your space. Below are a few suggestions on how you can make simple changes in your decor that will make a huge statement!

REUPHOLSTERING FURNITURE: Instantly refresh any room in your home and add a visual statement by re-upholstering your old furniture. Choose the right fabric for your project and go with one that will not only complement the piece of furniture you’re reupholstering but also the decor of your home.

SPRING REFRESH WITH FLOWERS: Spring brings warmer temperatures and beautiful blooms so why not bring the outdoors in!

Fill decorative vases, buckets or canisters with fresh flowers throughout the home, spruce up your entryway and welcome family and friends by adorning your front porch with fresh Spring planters.

FABRICS AND TEXTILES: From the focal point of a room to the finishing touch. Fabrics and textiles can transform any living space. Use pattern, color and texture to instantly revive, refresh and customise your home this spring.

PAINT: One of the easiest ways to refresh any space. Color does have psychological value, the colour of a room can indirectly influence your moods and thoughts. Think about the mood you’re trying to create in the space and which colours will help you to achieve this. For example, the colour green is the most restful to the human eye, it has a calming effect and represents tranquility.

STYLE YOUR COFFEE TABLE: Refreshing your coffee table is another simple and cost friendly way to update your space this spring. Use items like trays to not only showcase your favourite finds but help unify a look. Find one that compliments your coffee table or ottoman.

Refreshing your space this Spring doesn’t haven’t to be time consuming or budget busting. When done correctly, simple changes to your decor can create a huge impact.