How amazing would it be to have an entire room dedicated to art somewhere in the home, but sometimes it’s not always possible.
Incorporating a space for your kids to create art in the home may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve got limited space to work with, but with a little inspiration you can create a fun and functional art area where kids can use their imagination and create beautiful works of art!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Look to the outdoors to create art this summer! DIY outdoor chalkboards are always a hit with kids of all ages and stages! Amazing what you can do with a little wood and chalkboard paint!
  2. Consider buying or even making your own wall-mounted easel, this option saves tons of floor space.
  3. Make your own cardboard tabletop easel, these can easily be set atop surfaces like the kitchen table.
  4. A well stocked art caddy containing all the supplies needed is perfect for those impromptu art sessions anywhere in the home!

I recommend rolling utility carts as a good option for storage solutions, roll them over to wherever your art station is set up for the day, keep it stocked with a variety of materials. The materials you choose will depend on the age and stage of your child as well as their personal preferences.

Do a search for any of the above suggestions and find tons of DIY tutorials online.