This summer we’ve been enjoying a whole lot of lazy days and catching some rays! We’ll take it while we can! The summer months always seem to go by way too fast, and by now, many of us are probably starting to think and plan for back to school, I think one thing many of us can agree on is that weekday mornings can be hectic!

One way to help with that morning rush is to have an organized entryway. Entryways are typically the landing place for everyone in the household, including your guests. Entryways will vary from home to home. Whereas some entryways may have room for a built-in bench with cubbies, some may only have space to accommodate a small table. Create a system that suits the individual needs of your family.

Hooks, baskets and shelves are not only a great way to organize a small entryway but quite stylish.

Use hooks to hang hats, backpacks and coats, keeping them off the floor. Lidded bins are great for storing hats, gloves and mittens for the cooler months and use clearly labelled baskets for storing shoes. Place any items that are not used as often on higher shelves in baskets.

To help out even more with those hectic weekday mornings, organize and pack backpacks the night before.

Your entryway defines your style, they should be inviting, fun and functional. Contact me if you’d like a little help organising and styling your family entryway.