Similarly, as colour influences our mood and behaviour, so does our choice in fabrics. Draperies have this innate ability to dramatically change the appearance of any space. In terms of functionality, they provide privacy, block out harmful rays and can create a sound barrier. Draperies also bring an element of interest to any room by adding pattern, colour and texture.

Seek help when selecting fabric for your curtains or draperies that are specific to your needs. The right material should provide both aesthetic and functionality and will stand the test of time. When selecting fabrics consider the following:

1. Determine the function of your draperies, do you need them to block out strong sunlight that could eventually fade and damage upholstery or do you need them to insulate and absorb sound?

2. Source fabrics that will gracefully fall or drape.

3. Draperies have been known to trap dust and dirt. Given our busy lives, choose fabrics that are easy to care for, washing or dry-cleaning needs to be maintained.

4. Over time sunlight can fade fabrics. To help minimize sun damage to your draperies, choose quality linings. A quality lining will also help to reduce penetration of strong light, which is especially helpful in young children’s rooms.

5. Ready-made vs. Custom – Although there’s a considerable price difference, custom made curtain or drapery panels have many advantages, such as the ability to be able to source the fabric of your choice, not to mention the countless design options and the look can be tailored to suit your style. Then there is also the convenience of a great set of ready-made panels.

Whatever your choice, think of draperies as the backdrop to a beautifully decorated space.

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