Whether you want to increase productivity, purify the air or just make things pretty, plants can bring your home or office space to life, from improving the air quality in a room to enhancing your overall mood. They also add interesting texture, colour and balance to any space.

Here are a few of my favourite plants to have around the home:

Monstera Deliciosa

Paired with the right planter, the Monstera Deliciosa, or Swiss Cheese plant, makes a statement in any space. These Instagram worthy plants are best known for their glossy, broad foliage with distinct holes and deep splits. They work well in a variety of interior styles and require lots of space. They will tolerate low light but do their best in bright, indirect light. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering.

Ceropegia Woodii

Ceropegia Woodii, also known as String of Hearts or Rosary Vine is number two on my list of favourites. Display this versatile plant on a shelf or bookcase, showcasing its unique heart shaped foliage as it cascades creating a curtain effect. SOH prefers bright, indirect light. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings.


Sansevieria, also known as the Snake Plant is probably one of the easiest plants to take care of, they adapt to a wide range of growing conditions, making it ideal for first time plant parents. This statement piece is well known for its architectural features, and would work well either on it’s own on a shelf or grouped with other plants of varying heights, colours and shapes. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. These plants have proven to be versatile, I give mine medium light and it’s doing quite well, they also tolerate low to high light levels.

Raven Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Its glossy leaves start out green and gradually turn a deep purple, almost black over time, creating a striking contrast when paired with other colorful plants. The Raven Zamioculcas Zamiifolia has an unmistakably bold visual presence with its arching foliage. They are very low maintenance, and can tolerate low-light conditions, making it ideal for the office. I like to recommend using them as an anchor piece for a table or mantle.

Baby Tears

Its myriad of tiny leaves delicately spill over the sides of its container, making Baby Tears ideal for things like hanging baskets and terrariums. Considering scale, I have mine placed in the cutest planters, they are more on the smaller side. Its lush green foliage plays off well against the mix of aged wood and metal. Place in bright filtered light and keep soil evenly moist.

Contact your local garden center for specific care instructions for each plant. *Please note* Some plants can be quite toxic to children and pets. Always check with your local garden centre for a full list of plants that are child and pet friendly.

Contact me at: info@alleyneandcodesigns.com if you need a little help with things like:

  • Choosing the right plant for your space, lighting conditions and budget.
  • Recommending and sourcing plants, planters and accessories.