A small outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of creating the garden you want, it simply means you have to be a little more creative when planning. Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a functional and beautiful outdoor oasis.

The following are a few ideas for small gardens to help you make the most of your space.

Container gardening has to be one of the most flexible options when it comes to small outdoor spaces. It’s also a great way to inject instant colour and add some interest. Choose from a variety of outdoor planter finishes like terra cotta, plastic or a recycled container, don’t forget to add drainage. Fill with everything from flowering plants to tomatoes.

Make effective use of your outdoor space by creating a vertical garden, these could be set against a wall or fence and used to display small plant pots. Vertical gardens also create beautiful privacy screens.

Raised beds are another great space saving option. Suitable for flowers, a herb or veggie garden. These can also double as storage for tools and accessories below.

Hanging baskets aren’t just for flowers, fill this space saving solution with an assortment of fresh herbs and seasonings. Basil, rosemary and thyme are all good options.

Free up even more floor space by adding things like shelves and hooks on an existing wall or fence, use for things like plant pots and decorative accessories.

Choose pieces of furniture with slimmer profiles and less visual weight that can easily be stored.

When choosing outdoor plants, opt for the ornamental or dwarf varieties that do not require much space to grow.

There’s nothing quite like retreating to the garden for that morning cup of coffee, dinner with family and friends or to just sit alone for awhile. I hope that these resourceful ideas help you create your best outdoor space yet.

Love where you live!