By now most of us have made the switch to working remotely. Whether you’ve carved out space in your bedroom or transformed the dining room table to your workstation, with a little thought, some creativity and careful planning you can create a workspace anywhere in your home that’s both stylish and functional.

Add some colour to increase productivity, inspire creativity and improve your overall mood. Easily incorporate colour by using things like artwork, furniture, wallcoverings or some paint, blues and greens are all great choices for achieving this feel.

Purify the air and increase productivity by adding some fresh greenery. Use plants to bring your home office space to life. I typically recommend either the ZZ Plant or Sanseveria, both are great low maintenance, high style options.

Instantly change the look of your home office with the addition of a quality rug. They can work to ground the space, add visual interest and absorb sound.

Soften the look of your room by adding things like fabric window coverings, cushions and throws.

Adding storage makes any space feel organized and less cluttered. Use things like baskets, shelves or desk accessories to organize supplies and any paperwork. An organized workspace tends to increase productivity.