Refreshing your living space doesn’t require a hefty price tag. Changing out a few key pieces can make all the difference and help pull a space together.

Start with a strong foundation. Rugs are definitely a great way to add instant visual interest to any space. Consider a few things like personal style, maintenance, lifestyle and size before investing in a good piece.

Plants not only add texture to any room, but colour. They come in so many beautiful shades of green, from the very light to the deepest hues. Green creates balance and harmony in any space. Group plants of different shades for a more uplifting feel and for a more subdued vibe stick with plants of the same shade.

What can we say about baskets? We love ’em! Baskets come in a variety of colours, prints and textures, they’re an easy solution to storage and a great way to add some stylish decor to a small space without all the clutter.

And finally cushions, they add that final layer to a space, they work to bring a room together and add that touch of personality. Use them to add texture and inject a little colour to your space.