There’s nothing quite like a beautiful arrangement to liven up any room in the home, and right now dried florals are experiencing such a resurgence in the world of interior decor. Combine with the right vessel to give your space an instant lift!

Elevate the feel of your entryway with a striking statement piece to greet your guests. Consider incorporating scent to help set the tone of your home. Place aromatic plants in your entryway, like preserved lavender. Its sweet aroma has been known to improve overall mood.

Accessorize your bedside table with a beautiful bouquet. Use it for that pop of colour in the room or to create a cohesive look. Avoid those extra large arrangements that take up too much space. I personally love a beautiful combination of preserved roses with eucalyptus to promote relaxation.

One really quick and easy way to freshen up your home is to change up the mantle decor from time to time. Pick up on colors and materials found within the room to create a more cohesive look and vary the height of the items, I recommend using dried or preserved stems like olive branches to create those stunning silhouettes.

Accessorize your interior with pieces from our Everlasting and Everyday Essentials Collections. They consist of pieces that lift your energy whilst creating the sense of calm and comfort of home.

Love where you live!