“In my eyes, everyday is reason enough to give thanks, to have gratitude and live life beautifully.”

More than ever now it’s important to take a step back, slow it down a bit and take a look around you, really appreciate those little things and indulge in them a little more often.

When I say those little things, I’m not only referring to Mother Nature herself, albeit she’s a big part of it, but I’m also talking about those little things that make us smile when we see it, touch it or hear it. It could be a favourite meal, a piece of art that makes your heart sing or a beautiful soul. Whatever or whoever it is, you appreciate it.

Now, I haven’t been lucky enough to travel the world and savour all those one of a kind life experiences and due to Covid that’s off my plate right now, but we do have the power of the internet to get us started.

Join me in the weeks ahead for a series of inspirational people, places and things that’ll incite, entice, inspire and make you smile. Live life beautifully!