Life doesn’t come without its challenges, you can choose to either rise to the occasion or succumb to it, and this year has certainly been a testament to that.

Over the years I’ve learned that when things seem like the impossible and there’s no end in sight, you reach inwards and dig deep for the courage and strength that’s going to keep you going. No one ever said life was easy and if they did, guess what?? They lied! How we respond to life’s challenges is what makes us or breaks us. Let the worst of times bring out the best in you.

This pandemic has also created havoc within the small business community. Most have had to make major shifts in their business models. Moving forward, Alleyne & Co. Designs will continue to provide the same quality service as always, virtually. Our online platform allows us to work remotely with individuals and businesses worldwide to provide them with a master plan to create a professionally styled space that can be implemented at their own leisure.

While our main focus is styling spaces we continue to expand our inventory of carefully curated items for the home. In the New Year look for new product that include a range of preserved, living and faux greenery, we want to create spaces that nurture the bond between people and the natural elements.

We also feel it’s important now more than ever to continue to grow the Live Life Beautifully series, showcasing inspirational people, places and things from all walks of life that will incite, entice and inspire. Feel free to reach out to us if you know someone that’s a perfect fit. We’d love to hear from you!

It is also the goal to build a community where you can go to for advice on your home decor projects, share your favourite finds and showcase your before and afters.

Creating strong and relevant collaborations with other brands is something else we’re working on for the New Year. This allows us to forge new partnerships, create alliances and most important create overall value and benefit to the consumer.

Our goal moving forward is simple, to continue to inspire you to live life beautifully.